House System and Vertical Tutoring


Throughout your time at Easingwold School you will be in a house. We have five houses:






The names of the houses represent famous Yorkshire figures. You might recognise these names. Why not try to find out something about each one?

Each year the houses compete for the House Trophy. There are a variety of competitions, including sport, music and drama. You can gain points for your house through good attendance, good effort and achievement in your work, and by contributing positively to the life of the school.

Each house has a head of house who, with your form tutor, is there to help and support you.


You will be placed in a form group with another pupil from your primary school. It will be a ‘vertical’ form which means it will include pupils from every year group in the school, with a tutor.

All pupils in your form and your tutor will belong to the same house. The other pupils in your form and your tutor will help you to settle in. You will also have a buddy from the year above to help you, especially at the beginning.

Your form will be named according to your house and the initials of your tutor.