In English you will complete a number of different schemes of work: Memories and Moments, A Good Read, Telling Tales, My Poetry Anthology and An Introduction to Shakespeare.

We want you develop good reading habits and expect you to bring a reading book to school each day. You will have a 30 minute weekly reading homework, and have a lesson in the library once a fortnight to give you the opportunity to read books that you have chosen. You will record what you read in a Reading Diary that your parents should sign each week.

In lessons you will read a range of challenging fiction and non-fiction, and learn how to discuss your ideas in groups and express your opinions in class discussion. You will also gain experience in writing in a wide variety of styles, e.g. letters, stories, plays, poems, reports, etc. for a variety of different purposes and audiences.

Most of all we want you to enjoy English and to develop your English skills.



English Curriculum

Key Stage 3

Year 7

Unit 1 Memories and Moments – autobiographical and biographical writing
Unit 2 A Good Read – novel
Unit 3 Telling Tales – writing their own short story
Unit 4 Poetry – studying a variety of poets and poetry styles culminating in the production of their own anthology of poetry
Unit 5 Shakespeare – Shakespeare’s life and times as well as a key scene from one of Shakespeare’s plays.

Year 8

Unit 1 Non-fiction writing/Persuasive letter and speaking and listening task – The Water bottle Challenge
Unit 2 Post/Pre 1914 fiction
Unit 3 Poetry Across Cultures
Unit 4 Superheroes – media unit/ analysis of mise en scene in feature film
Unit 5 Shakespeare – study of a whole Shakespeare play
Unit 6 Accent and Dialect unit

Year 9

Unit 1 The Novel– a comparison of two texts (one novel, one poem)
Unit 2 Descriptive writing – the Gothic genre
Unit 3 The Cult of Celebrity – media unit
Unit 4 G.C.S.E ‘The Moon on the Tides’ Poetry Anthology


Key Stage 4

Year 10

Shakespeare & English Literary Heritage – controlled assessment on two texts
Revision of ‘The Moon on the Tides’ poetry anthology
Exploring Cultures unit – students will study one of the following texts: Of Mice and Men or To Kill a Mockingbird
Modern Texts unit – students will study one of the following texts: The Woman in Black, Lord of the Flies, Sunlight on the Grass short story anthology, An Inspector Calls
In the final half term of Year 10, students will begin the GCSE English Language course. They will complete a piece of controlled assessment (based on a literature text) and a speaking and listening task.

Year 11

Spoken Language controlled assessment
Two pieces of creative writing controlled assessment
Speaking and listening tasks throughout the year
Reading and writing skills for the examination (June) – worth 60% of the GCSE grade.



Y10 English Literature/English Language

Study of a 19th Century novel (eg. Great Expectations, A Christmas Carol)
Study of poetry on ‘Power and Conflict’
Reading and writing skills for English Language Paper 1: Explorations in Creative Reading and Writing
Reading and writing skills for English Language Paper 2: Writers’ Viewpoints and Perspectives
Study of a Shakespeare play
Speaking and listening assessment