Learn to Learn

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3

Getting to know you 

Students learn more about each other via circle time activities and they reflect realistically and honestly about their strengths and weaknesses.

 New routines 

Students learn how to manage their time. Work life balance is important. They also learn about our routines at Easingwold.

How to get the best out of school

Students are shown how to use the school library so that they are more able to be better independent learners. They learn about health and safety regulations in school.

They are shown how to email using their school account

And we look at the importance of school clubs and extra- curricular activities

We discuss why good manners are important in a school community – punctuality, dining hall, litter, wet weather, excusing self from lessons.

What makes a good learner?

We look at the B4L criteria and tracking system so that students can understand and monitor their progress.

We look at previous success/ weaknesses and how we can build on them.

We make links between learning styles and our experiences of learning and success.

We talk about successful role models.

We recognise that there is a balance to be struck between working hard and having enough time to enjoy hobbies.

My values

We discuss Easingwold school values so that we understand why they are important.

We look at the importance of fundamental British values and talk about beliefs, customs and festivals.

We talk about the different values of successful people.

Students think about how they can use the values to have a say in school and we discuss the ways in which values and responsibilities shape our experience of school and your wider community.

Friends and friendship

We look at the definitions of a good friend and talk about why friendships change over time. We understand peer pressure and look at how it can help and hinder our personal development.

We talk about how we resolve conflicts and consider which are the best ways (and the ways that never seem to work!)

Feeling safe in school

We discuss bullying – what it is and why and how it may happen. We talk about how to stay safe online

We talk about what to do if we are bullied in “real life” or online. We talk about preparing for the future and consider how the school community can help to support you to fulfil your ambitions. We look at the importance of being a good neighbour in the widest context.

We understand that there’s no such thing as “normal”: We look at discrimination, respect, homophobia, racism, sexism, cultural diversity and discuss why it is wrong to let differences between us become “issues”

Healthy me

We recognise the importance of sleep, healthy eating, exercise and work/ life balance as part of a healthy lifestyle and we recognise the dangers of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs.

We look at ways in which we might deal with stress

and how we might best cope to overcome things in our lives that make us sad or anxious.

Pocket money and personal finance

We consider the importance of budgeting and saving

And we look into the world of work and the benefits of working. Students ask themselves what, at this stage, they want from work.