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The Student Council is a body of students from various year groups who meet each fortnight to discuss student-related issues within school. Student Council is open to all students, and there is no commitment to attend every meeting if you are not a member of your House Council; you can just come along to a few meetings.

The Student Council receives a certain budget each academic year to allow it to make the improvements within school that students want to see.


The Student Council is composed of students from all year groups and houses, along with a Governor representative. The Chairpersons, Secretary and Treasurer are members of the Sixth Form:


Charlie Winterburn, Head Boy
Danielle McAlpine, Deputy Head Girl


Merryn Rose, Head Girl


Oliver Wilson, Deputy Head Boy

Governor representative

Sandie Tanner-Smith


The day after a meeting of the Student Council, the Sixth Form students who run the Student Council meet with the head teacher to discuss the issues brought up at the meeting. This is how the majority of ideas are implemented within school, and allows a great deal of communication between the Student Council and the senior management team at school.

Over the years, the Student Council has had an immense, positive impact on the school, improving facilities, raising money for charities and representing the student voice.


It’s immensely important that everyone in school, staff or student, is made aware of the work of the Student Council, and of the positive impact that it makes on the school.

Each half term, the Student Council releases a short newsletter that details any changes or improvements they have made within school, along with progress on any current projects. This is sent via email to all members of the Student Council and House Councils, form tutors, and is available below for parents.

The minutes of the previous meeting are available to all students through OneDrive, accessible using their school email address (this looks something like - where the username before the @ sign is the same as your login when using school computers).

Meeting minutes (students only unless requested):

Office365 ® SharePoint ® Student Council ® Minutes from previous meetings


The first newsletter will be available at the end of the first half term next academic year.


Student Council meetings are open to all members of the student body, and any comments or ideas are always welcomed. However, if you don’t want to come to the Student Council meeting, you can also submit ideas through your House/Deputy Captain, Form Rep, or through any member of the Student Council.

Additionally, Tutor Group Feedback Forms are distributed to Tutor Groups the week commencing of a Student Council meeting. This gives an opportunity for all students to comment on the topics discussed at the previous meeting, along with those which are to be discussed at the coming meeting. Importantly, students can also note down any subjects which they feel need to be discussed – though they are also welcome to join the meeting if they wish.

Lastly, if you would like to comment on an aspect of school, suggest an idea for improving the school, get involved with Student Council meetings, or find out more about the Student Council, you can email us: