Information for Schools

As well as working within Easingwold School, the specialist team of 4 staff supports 52 Primary and Secondary Schools in 4 Clusters: Easingwold, Thirsk, Northallerton and Stokesley.

Easingwold School supports and promotes the following principles for enhancement of learning:

  • Inclusive quality first learning through appropriate adjustments

  • Identifying and removing barriers to learning

  • Identifying specific needs through appropriate assessment

  • Providing appropriate specialist resources, strategies and interventions.



    i) Informal advice

    Schools are welcome to contact Sharon Sissons (Teacher in Charge) or Pandora Watkins (Specialist Teacher) to discuss concerns regarding pupil(s). This conversation should not include reference to a named individual child as no formal request for involvement has been made and parental consent has not been sought.

    Please provide information regarding quality first adjustments and interventions that have been put in place in order to enable us to give further advice/guidance.



     ii) Pre formal involvement

    Before a formal ‘Request for Involvement’ is made, the school is required to review adaptations and adjustments in the classroom (teaching & learning, resources etc) and specialist interventions.

    These adaptations and strategies should be closely monitored over a reasonable period of time to ensure that provision matches need and that the pupil is making progress.

    The steps required before making a formal request are detailed on the Progression pyramid (pdf) .

    The ‘At-a-glance’ pupil profile (doc)  is an observational record of concerns.  It is used to record observations of a pupil to determine primary and/or prevalence of needs. This will enable schools to form the basis of collated information in preparation for requesting specialist support through the Single Point of Access (SPA).




    iii) Formal Request for Involvement (RFI)

    A formal ‘Request for Involvement’ is made when a pupil is not making progress in spite of significant adjustments to provision both in the classroom and additional & different interventions.

    At the point at which the decision is made to request involvement, this is done through the NYCC local offer website and Single Point of Access (SPA). Guidance and documentation required can be found on the NYCC website

    For more information on this process please see the Frequently Asked Questions document (pdf).




    iv) On-going support & intervention

    Once the request has been accepted and allocated to us through the Single Point of Access (SPA) our involvement is based on a staged process stages of support & intervention (pdf).

    As well as assessing pupils needs we offer modelling of interventions and resources and whole school training. If a school requires training on any aspect relating to SpLD the following is required:

    Initial contact with a member of the SpLD team to discuss requirements.

    Completion of Request for Professional Learning & Development form.doc